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89th Dún Laoghaire Harbour Race

Leinster Sea Swim are back on Sunday 15th September for the 89th Annual Dun Laoghaire Harbour Swim.  

The annual event is the only swimming event to take place in the harbour.

The event is broken into 3 swimming events starting at 1pm – the mens, ladies and children races.

The starting point is the old RNLI slipway at the start of the East Pier (53.293260, -6.130060) .

The brave entrants take to the water for a 2.2 km swim from the RNLI slipway out to the mouth of the harbour before taking a hairpin turn back to the RNLI slipway.

The event creates a brilliant atmosphere in the harbour as spectators can follow the swimmers along the route and cheer them along from the safety of the east pier.