St. Michael Pier


Repairs to the piles under St. Michael Pier is presently taking place.There are a total of 30 pile for repair with 17 completed as of February 2007.

The method employed is quite interesting from an engineering point of view, a nylon sock sealed with a zip is fitted to the concrete pile for repair with a clamp retaining the sock at the sea-bed, the sock is then zipped up to within 1.5 meters of the upper decking of the pier, a series of spacers are strapped to the pile before the sock is zipped up to insure a 100 millimetre spacing is retained between the sock and the surface of the pile, concrete is then pumped into the spacing between the pile and the sock which eventually hardens resulting in an extra layer of concrete 100 millimetre thick sealing / protecting the old pile, the sock is sacrificial.