Fly your flag #Makeaflag #FlyYourFlag

We want you to tell your story about Covid-19, lockdown, what we have lost, what we have gained, and your hopes for the future and design it into a flag.

Your flag will then be flown with pride on one of the hundreds of boats in Dún Laoghaire Harbour at the end of the summer or when we can safely celebrate together.

Keep an eye out for our videos during the summer as we follow flag makers, listen to their motivations for taking part and watch their story unfold as they get ready for their flag to fly.

Your Covid-19 story may be happy, unhappy, concerned, or hopeful – it’s your memory of the time – the main thing is that it is your unique story and we want you to tell it in the most creative way you can think of!

Want to take part and create a flag? See our website to find out how: