Cruise Schedule

Cruise Schedule 2023

Note: this schedule is subject to change throughout the year.
DateShip NameBerth
05/04/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
07/04/2023Spirit of DiscoveryAt Anchor
25/04/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
30/04/2023ZuiderdamAt Anchor
01/05/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
03/05/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
10/05/2023MSC Preziosa At Anchor
11/05/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
12/05/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
13/05/2023Viking NeptuneAt Anchor
14/05/2023Norwegian StarAt Anchor
16/05/2023Hebridean Sky2
19/05/2023Viking SaturnAt Anchor
21/05/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
22/05/2023Silver DawnAt Anchor
23/05/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
24/05/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
25/05/2023ArtaniaAt Anchor
27/05/2023Norwegian Star At Anchor
28/05/2023Norwegian Star At Anchor
28/05/2023Star Legend2
29/05/2023Star Legend2
30/05/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
31/05/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
02/06/2023Queen VictoriaAt Anchor
03/06/2023ZuiderdamAt Anchor
04/06/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
06/06/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
07/06/2023Viking StarAt Anchor
09/06/2023Seven Seas SplendorAt Anchor
17/06/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
20/06/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
22/06/2023RivieraAt Anchor
26/06/2023Silver MoonAt Anchor
28/06/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
30/06/2023RivieraAt Anchor
03/07/2023Star Pride2
08/07/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
10/07/2023Seven Seas VoyagerAt Anchor
11/07/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
17/07/2023Seven Seas NavigatorAt Anchor
18/07/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
22/07/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
24/07/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
29/07/2023Star Legend2
30/07/2023Star Legend2
31/07/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
01/08/2023Carnival PrideAt Anchor
02/08/2023Silver MoonAt Anchor
03/08/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
04/08/2023Seven Seas SplendorAt Anchor
08/08/2023Silver MoonAt Anchor
12/08/2023Island Sky2
13/08/2023Nieuw StatendamAt Anchor
16/08/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
17/08/2023Carnival PrideAt Anchor
18/08/2023Viking JupiterAt Anchor
22/08/2023Carnival PrideAt Anchor
24/08/2023Island Sky2
25/08/2023Viking MarsAt Anchor
26/08/2023MS VistaAt Anchor
27/08/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
28/08/2023Viking JupiterAt Anchor
30/08/2023RenaissanceAt Anchor
31/08/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
01/09/2023MS MarinaAt Anchor
02/09/2023Viking MarsAt Anchor
03/09/2023Seven Seas VoyagerAt Anchor
04/09/2023Carnival PrideAt Anchor
05/09/2023MS VistaAt Anchor
08/09/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
09/09/2023Regal PrincessAt Anchor
10/09/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
14/09/2023Seabourn OvationAt Anchor
17/09/2023Viking SaturnAt Anchor
20/09/2023MSC Preziosa At Anchor
21/09/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
22/09/2023Viking VenusAt Anchor
23/09/2023Europa 2At Anchor
24/09/2023Vasco da Gama At Anchor
28/09/2023Seabourn OvationAt Anchor
29/09/2023Norwegian GetawayAt Anchor
30/09/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
01/10/2023Norwegian StarAt Anchor
02/10/2023World Explorer2
05/10/2023World Traveller2
06/10/2023World Traveller2
10/10/2023Norwegian StarAt Anchor
11/10/2023Norwegian DawnAt Anchor
20/10/2023Norwegian StarAt Anchor