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Environmental Policy

The Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company is a state commercial company charged with the responsibility for the maintenance and development of Dun Laoghaire Harbour. The Harbour Company acknowledges it’s role and responsibility for the protection and enhancement of the environment.

We will manage our commercial operations in order to ensure that:

  • Adverse environmental impacts arising to past, present and future business commercial activities are managed;
  • Commercial activities comply with environmental legislation and regulations and other related requirements subscribed to by the Company and those organisations occupying Harbour Company Property;
  • Continual improvement in environmental performance is achieved and maintained.

In order to achieve these aims we will:

  • Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 2004.
  • Communicate this policy to our tenants and to all persons working for or on behalf of Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company.
  • Provide information regarding our environmental performance based on quantifiable objectives and targets in the following operational areas: –


Waste Management

Reduce, re-use or recycle wastes whilst ensuring the safe storage, handling, transportation and disposal of all wastes arising from the Harbour Company’s commercial, shipping and boating use and the activities of it’s tenant organisations. 

Port Waste Management Plan which was approved by the Department (DTTAS) on 25 July 2018. 

Pollution Control

Introduce measures to reduce the impact of releases to air, water or land that are the consequence of the Harbour’s commercial activities and usage by boats and vessels. Maintain and review contingency plans for dealing with actual or potential pollution incidents occurring within the harbour waters.

Energy and Resource Management

Implement measures for energy and resource management by monitoring consumption, energy efficiency measures, conservation, awareness and education.


Review, as appropriate, current transportation and communication arrangements with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and environmental impacts associated with the provision of services. Raise staff awareness. Evaluate alternative fuels as appropriate.


Promote sustainability considerations as a basis for purchasing decisions. Select suppliers and contractors based on an evaluation of their environmental performance. Communicate with suppliers and contractors to encourage improvement in environmental performance.

Management of Natural Assets and Heritage

Support the effective management of natural assets and heritage through actions to protect biodiversity, habitats, species and historic buildings and artefacts within the harbour area. Promote specific policies, education and awareness.

This policy is communicated to all personnel and to persons working on behalf of the Harbour Company and it’s tenants. The policy provides the means to set and revise objectives and targets for environmental performance and is subject to review an annually.